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Loan Programs

Mortgage Loan Programs

Besides the vanilla conventional loans that every lender offers we have established ourselves as a Niche Loan company, meaning we get things done when it comes to out of the box type loans. we specialize in helping the self-employed borrower get mortgage financing. We also specialize in construction loans especially in the 203K rehab loan market. Please Do NOT hesitate and contact us for a Free no-obligation consultation with us.

Conventional Loans

  • Conventional loans get the lowest interest rates available
  • Perfect for buyers who have strong credit history.
  • Usually requires 20% down payment.

W2 Transcripts Only

  • W-2 transcript processing
  • Apply for conventional, FHA and VA loans
  • Save time, apply today!

Jumbo Mortgages 

  • Jumbo Program- 90 LTV
  • Primary residences up to $3 million
  • Cash-Out to Borrower up to $750,000

FHA Loans

  • Low Down Payment, Flexible Sources.
  • Optional Mortgage Insurance
  • Simple Qualifications

Home Style Renovation Program

  • Available For Up To 80% LTV
  • Borrowers Can Own Up To 4 Financed Properties
  • No Minimum Repair Amount Required

Home Ready Loans

  • Suitable for all borrowers
  • Available for higher loan amounts
  • Refinances up to 95 percent loan-to-value

Bank Statement Program

  • Personal or Business Bank Accounts
  • Maintain Separate Personal and Business Accounts
  • Lending decision is based on 12 month Deposits

No Income Check Mortgage 

  • No Tax Returns Required
  • No Pay-Stubs Required
  • No W2’s Required

Foreign Nationals Program 

  • Purpose of the loan can be purchase or refinance
  • No penalties for pre-payments
  • Credit score: 680 FICO

Construction Loans 

  • Short Term Financing
  • Long Term Financing
  • Low interest rates

Reverse Mortgage 

  • Never make a payment
  • Must be 62 and over
  • No Income or Credit check needed

Investment Coops

  • Competative interest rates
  • Reasonable loan terms
  • Fast approval

Non-Warrantable Condos 

  • Competitive rates
  • Less strict guidelines than warrantable condos
  • Offered as both Non-Agency and our Non-QM program

USDA Loans 

  • United States Department of Agriculture loans
  • Rural Development Guaranteed Housing loan program
  • No down payment loan!

Co-op Mortgages 

  • Low-interest, fixed-rate coop mortgages
  • Refinance into an affordable loan
  • Purchase a co-op with reasonable loan terms

No Credit Score Loans 

  • Zero Credit Score
  • Low Down Payment
  • Available for first time home buyers only

Doctor Mortgage Programs 

  • Primary Residence Only
  • Purchase or Rate and Term Refinance
  • Great Home Loan Option for Doctors

90% LTV to 1 Million with no MI 

  • Available for first time homebuyers
  • Available for purchase loans up to $1 Million
  • Available to borrowers with a minimum FICO credit score of 680

Jumbo Coop Loans

  • Minimum 700 credit score
  • Up to 85% combined loan-to-value
  • Suitable for single family homes and condos

Interest Only Program 

  • Pay off the mortgage in one lump sum
  • Refinancing a loan
  • Loan amounts up to $1 million

Home Possible Mortgage Program 

  • Flexible credit terms and low down payment requirements
  • Program offers significantly reduced PMI requirements.
  • There are no cash reserve requirements on one-unit properties

FHA 203k Loan 

  • Financing to buy and renovate at the same time
  • Qualifying credit scores as low as 550
  • Close on the purchase before work completed