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MortgageDepot Welcomes Regina To Our Team

MortgageDepot Welcomes Regina To Our Team

MortgageDepot welcomes our latest hire, Regina Bronstein. As a mortgage loan processor, her professional career has spanned twenty years.

Regina started her career in real estate by becoming an assistant to a loan officer at Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999. In her capacity, the focus was on retail mortgages, including mixed-use properties in addition to commercial and residential properties.

Having garnered years of experience during her tenure, she spent five years from 2010-2015 at PNC Bank as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Consequently, she then took her expertise as a mortgage loan officer to Citizens Bank in 2016 through 2018.

Playing to her administrative, organizational strengths, Regina joined the staff here at MortgageDepot to focus solely on the requisite administrative paperwork associated with the successful completion of a loan application. By having intimate knowledge of how involved the mortgage application process is, she chose to focus her energies and efforts there exclusively.

When asked why she does this type of work in the real estate industry, Regina replied, “I love paperwork and documentation administration. I love paperwork, and organization is my thing,” adding that “disorganization” is THE central crazy aspect of the work.

Regina Bronstein takes great pride in her work because mortgages are unique based on each client’s individual needs; and it’s a fact that mortgage products can range broadly from A-Z. There is a deep sense of satisfaction derived from seeing the process evolve successfully from beginning to end administratively.

Whether you’re a home buyer or seller, and you’d like to find your starter home or upgrade your current residence, if your interest is in obtaining a mortgage for a business, condo or co-op, we here at MortgageDepot can assist you in this process. Contact us today at 800-535-0270.

Contact us today at 800-535-0270 for more information or email us here.

Meet Lisette Espinoza

Meet Lisette Espinoza

I’d describe my role at MortgageDepot as a processor, and additionally I’m also a skilled underwriter who performs pre-qualifications as needed. Before joining the staff six years ago, I worked in bookkeeping and accounting.

Each of my work days begins with email and attention to the priority files based on their urgency. I’m very methodical in my approach, and I start each day with a daily task list. I was fascinated by the mortgage process; and as a bookkeeper, I wanted to learn more. I have the advantage of possessing a natural affinity for numbers, and I enjoy working with them, so it was a seamless progression for me. Excellent client service is when your customers are so happy that they refer others to you!

The most critical change I’ve experienced in this industry is how digital technologies have transformed processes completely. If I could have one wish granted, it would be to see quarterly information sessions that allow professionals such as myself to keep abreast of the constant changes in the mortgage industry.

Meet Irina Trofimova

Meet Irina Trofimova

My role here at MortgageDepot is as a Loan Officer’s assistant. Before joining MD three years ago, I secured financing for Title 9 Autos as an automotive loan clerk for car purchases. My typical day consists of processing applications, checking for updates and making additions of required documents.

Although I was doing auto financing, I always really wanted to learn the mortgage business. And it’s a big plus that my job is very near my home, NO commute! It’s cool when clients return to conduct additional business with us and refer their friends and family! What’s changed in the mortgage industry is how technology has made information more accessible for consumers and now that’s the standard.

I’m looking forward to a day when collaboration is the focus, and everyone can do their jobs effectively no matter what their role is in the mortgage process.

Meet Phoebe Bartholomew

Meet Phoebe Bartholomew

I’d describe my role as a loan processor at the company as someone that submits loan applications and some structuring of loans occasionally. Before joining MortgageDepot, I was a loan processor at Concept 2K Mortgages, Inc. I’ve been with the firm for three years now. To me, every day is unique. No matter what I plan for the day, the plans go out the window! But that is the beauty of what I do. What interests me most about this industry from a broker’s perspective is the ability to be creative while meeting clients needs regardless of their circumstances.

For me, excellent client service comes from transparency from the beginning while keeping them apprised during the process to the end, without surprises. And of course when clients are happy and express their gratitude for the role that I’ve played in the process of securing them a home loan. The change I’ve noticed in my industry is that loan officers must be very knowledgeable because today’s customer is savvier than ever. If I could see one change in the mortgage industry, I’d like to see the abolishment of Appraisal Management Companies (AMC)! I can dream, but that’s highly unlikely.

Mortgage Depot Partner Ryan Walsh

Mortgage Depot Partner Ryan Walsh

Ryan J. Walsh Esq. of the law firm Ryan J. Walsh & Associates PPLC is a valued partner of MortgageDepot. His practice specializes in serving first time home buyers, real estate owners, lenders and nonprofit organizations in residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout New York State. As a banking attorney, periodically his firm caters a casual lunch for the staff at MortgageDepot to further deepen our understanding of his role with regards to our clients and the real estate banking industry.

Mr. Walsh’s practice focuses on representing lenders and individuals in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate at closing. His firm represents clients in residential and commercial mortgage transactions, sales, purchases, refinances, leasing of commercial and residential real estate properties. The firm also provides counseling for individuals in the preparation of wills, estates and the sale and purchase of business interests.

Additionally, Ryan is also a dynamic, engaged member of his community at large. He is an active board member of Neighborhood Housing Services of Northern Queens, a Statewide Board member of Best Buddies, a board member of the Central Queens Y. Ryan was also formerly a board member of Community Board 11 and the YMCA 189 Beacon Program.

Meet Katherine

Meet Katherine

My role at MortgageDepot is that as a Loan Officer’s assistant. Three years ago, I was an intern in the payroll office of Queens Community College, which is a part of the City University of New York also known as CUNY.

My days are Monday through Friday rain or shine. I spend those days doing verifications and processing additional documents digitally for clients seeking to secure a mortgage or to refinance their homes. It makes me happy to contact clients notifying them that their file is “Clear To Close” (CTC) and that we can proceed by scheduling a closing date! I like everything that I do in my daily work. My part helps others to achieve their dream of becoming a homeowner.

This year, we’ve closed more mortgages than ever. If there’s one change that I’d like to see in the mortgage industry is to see more paperless processes for documents. Eventually, I think digital technologies are going to transform how the real estate industry operates in the future.

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