“I’d describe my role here at MortgageDepot as the Lead Generation Processor. It’s not an official title, but it aptly describes my daily duties. I predominantly process leads for commercial, no income investment products. Occasionally I do handle some residential inquiries, but those are few and far between. Before joining the firm two and a half years ago, I was an account executive for a luxury high-end jewelry company.

My average day consists of checking my email continuously for leads and following up via email and by phone. My efforts build business for my colleagues daily. And since I’m a numbers person and I enjoy sales, this position is an excellent fit for me.

Excellent customer service requires building a rapport and trust with any potential client while gaining their confidence about the process of securing a non-conforming loan. I haven’t seen ay dramatic changes that impact the role that I play in the industry. The change that I’d like to see would be that no-income investment products could have coverage in all states or where interest rates could drop off a bit for non-conforming loans.”

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