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Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator Loan Calculator. Mortgage Calculator
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Mortgage Calculator

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Sham Shibli

Sham Shibli – Loan Officer
NMLS: 1495518
Direct: (718) 879-7777
Office: (718) 268-9000 Ext. 2157
Fax: (718) 268-9525

Loan officer Sham Shibli is a licensed mortgage loan originator. He relies upon the experience he acquired working for different companies in the mortgage industry as a loan officer and production developer to provide trusted and dependable advice and guidance to MortgageDepot borrowers. The customers he works with appreciate his honesty and integrity when recommending mortgage programs and products best suited to their needs.

His extensive knowledge of the mortgage marketplace makes him a valuable resource for borrowers in need of residential or commercial loans. Individuals looking for financing to complete the purchase of a home, cooperative, condominium or commercial property benefit from Sham’s experience with FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA and conventional financing. Some of the programs Sham has available for borrowers include the following:

Sham is available for a free consultation.

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