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New construction extended rate locks

Build with confidence You as a customer benefit from locked in rates We help our customers gain peace of mind in a changing market with the Extended Rate Lock program. You can lock down a range of interest rates with a required, non-refundable extended...

Self Employed – ONE YEAR TAX RETURNS – Jumbo Loans to $3.5mm

Self Employed - ONE YEAR TAX RETURNS - Jumbo Loans to $3.5 million. A common request as of late has been Self Employed Borrowers only wishing to provide their most recent tax returns covering a one year period, so yes, WE CAN OFFER THIS AMAZING NICHE to our clientele....

No Income Check Loans

Many of our clients would like to unlock the equity in their home or buy an investment property. No income verification loans are for owner-occupied and investment properties. They are for 1 - 4 family homes as well as condominiums. They are for refinances and for...

Home Equity Lines Of Credit

Heloc also knows as Home Equity Lines Of Credit are a perfect 2nd mortgage for a perfect situation. Home Equities are primary know as second mortgages but can also be used as first mortgages for those that don't have a first mortgage in place. There are many reasons...

FHA Loan Limits in New York

The FHA will back any mortgage loan known as the FHA loans. These loans are characterized by a small down payment and minimal credit requirements when compared to traditional mortgages. An FHA mortgage has an upper limit for the mortgage, which is specific...

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