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Conventional Loans

Deciding on the home to purchase is only the first of many decisions buyers must make. Financing the purchase can make the typical buyer wish for a friend or relative in the mortgage business.

At Mortgage Depot, we are your source for everything you need to know about financing the purchase of a home. Our mortgage brokers have earned a reputation as being trusted sources of accurate and useful information about all types of home financing, including conventional loans. As mortgage brokers, we focus on the needs of our borrowers from the loan application all the way through the closing when the home of a buyer’s dreams becomes a reality.

We are your source for everything you need to know about conventional loans

We look out for the interests of our borrowers and serve as a liaison between them and mortgage lenders, such as Homestead Funding Corp. Our team of mortgage professionals realizes that choosing the right loan program can be confusing because of the many options that are available.

Conventional loans, for example, offer advantages for some borrowers over government insured or government backed loans, such those backed by the Federal Housing Administration or by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of the advantages of a conventional loan over one that is backed by the government include:

  • Financing allowed for the purchase of a second home
  • Low down payments that can include gifts received from others
  • No restrictions for first-time buyers
  • Buyers may have someone cosign the loan with them

Our years of experience gives us the knowledge and the insight to advise borrowers about their conventional loans and assist them to find the lender with the loan that is right for them.

MortgageDepot offers borrowers personalized service

Because we are mortgage brokers and not lenders, MortgageDepot focuses on what is best for our borrowers. Included among the many services we provide to people purchasing homes are the following:

  • We meet with the borrower to answer questions about the loan process
  • We help borrows decide on the loan program that is right for them
  • We complete the loan application with personal and financial information gathered from the borrower
  • We search among the various lenders to find the best interest rates and loan terms that are available
  • We submit the loan application to the lender offering the best loan for the borrower
  • We communicate with the lender on behalf of our borrower
  • We work closely with the borrower and the lender to obtain any additional documentation or information required to get the application approved

Find out what MortgageDepot can do for you

Our mortgage brokers are committed to helping you obtain the best conventional loan terms. We can do this because we work with many lenders to get you the best loan at the best rates available. Visit us at MortgageDepot.com to find out what we can do for you.

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