If you have struggled with your finances in the past and are looking for a fresh start with a new home mortgage program, the FHA Back to Work Program may be well-suited for you. Second chance loans such as these are available to you through MortgageDepot and our friendly team of loan consultants wants to help you determine if Back to Work loans are the right option for your circumstances. These loans can be very advantageous to some people, but there are requirements that must be met for loan approval. With a consultation with our loan consultants, we can learn more about your financial situation and can answer your questions about this program.

With Back to Work loans, you generally will need to meet the FHA loan requirements and may need to provide additional documentation showing that your credit issues or mortgage challenges were the results of a financial hardship rather than from financial irresponsibility.

In addition, you will need to document:

  • That you are currently in good standing on all accounts
  • Have re-established a good credit history.
  • A final requirement that you must meet for these second chance loans is that you must complete HUD-approved counseling

When you contact MortgageDepot you will receive personal assistance from our loan consultants to determine if you qualify for this or other programs we offer.

The Back to Work program is not a financing solution that is intended for all borrowers, but it can be highly advantageous for the right individuals.

These home loans are most ideal for those who have had:

  • A foreclosure
  • Filed for bankruptcy
  • Had a short sale
  • Or have other significant issues with their credit history.

They essentially provide you with a second chance at home ownership even if you have lower credit scores or have issues on your credit report that may disqualify you from other loan programs. You may have been turned down for financing elsewhere, or you may be concerned about the possibility if you apply for a home loan. If you are interested in learning more about these loans programs or other financing solutions that may be available to you, contact us today.

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