Whether you are searching for a Condo mortgage to buy a new property or to refinance an existing loan, look no further than MortgageDepot for great rates and terms as well as friendly customer service. We have excellent financing solutions available for all of your Condo needs. Our lending team understands that each of our clients has unique needs when searching for a condo mortgage, and we want to help you achieve your goals through our competitive loan terms. Condo mortgages can be challenging to find, but we offer you a simple financing solution. If you are ready to purchase condos or refinance an existing mortgage loan, learning more about our programs today is a great idea.

What Our Condo Mortgages Offer

At MortgageDepot we can help you to purchase a condo or refinance them through our various programs. We have comparatively high loan-to-value requirements and flexibility with our credit score requirements. In fact, we can provide you with:

  • 95 percent loan-to-value agency or portfolio conforming down to 620 FICO on a primary residence
  • 90 percent loan-to-value agency or portfolio conforming down to 620 FICO on a second home
  • 80 percent loan-to-value agency or portfolio conforming down to 620 FICO on an investment property
  • 75 percent loan-to-value on a second home or on an investment property

How to Request a Quote for Condo Financing

Our rates may vary based on a number of factors, and this may include loan amount, credit score, loan-to-value and more. The best way to determine how competitive our pricing is for your loan is to contact us directly. We are a New York mortgage broker that makes it simple and easy for you to get a quote for your loan. You can call our office directly for assistance, or you can request more information online. While not all lenders provide financing programs for condos, we are committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals with the right financing solutions.

MortgageDepot is a trusted and established mortgage broker that offers financing programs for owner-occupied and investor homes, and we offer programs for condos as well as many other property types. While we are the mortgage company that you want to contact for help with your condo financing needs, we are also the company that you can continue to work with for all other financing needs as well.

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