If you currently have an FHA mortgage on your home and you are interested in refinancing your property, the FHA Streamline program may be the right option for you. This is among the fastest and easiest refinance options available for those who already have an FHA home loan, and it also can be one of the most affordable options. MortgageDepot is the New York mortgage broker that is dedicated to providing personalized assistance to each valued client, and we will answer all of your questions about the Streamline program when you contact our office.

The Benefits of the Streamline Program 

The FHA Streamline program is ideal for properties that are owner-occupied, and it gives you the ability to reduce your interest or even lower your monthly mortgage payments without enduring the time, expense and hassle associated with ordering an appraisal. There is also less paperwork and documentation associated with this loan program in comparison with many other types of refinance loans. Because there is not an appraisal requirement, you will not have to pay extra fees or wait for third-party reports to be completed. Altogether, you may find that the Streamline program is a simpler and easier way to refinance your loan.

Important Facts About the Streamline Program 

The Streamline program is ideal for many homeowners, but it is not the right solution for all borrowers. For example, this program does not allow you to take cash out of your home, so if you need to tap into your home equity, you will need to apply for another program. The rates for this program are highly competitive, and most people who apply for this program do so to reduce their monthly payment through rate and term refinancing, lowering their interest rate or a combination of both. Typical refinance terms apply, regarding loan-to-value limits, credit score requirements and more, and you can learn more about these when you contact MortgageDepot for information.

Refinancing a home loan is a top goal for many homeowners, and there are numerous loan programs available for you to consider. Through MortgageDepot, you can learn more about the Streamline program from FHA to determine if this is a program that meets your needs and that you may qualify for. You can also speak with one of our representatives to get pre-qualified for financing. MortgageDepot is the broker you can trust to help you to achieve your mortgage goals now and in the future.

Streamline Your FHA loan:

  • We can transfer impound/escrow accounts.
  • Non-credit qualifying streamline requires no appraisal or income documentation.
  • A mortgage rating credit report or mortgage only rating allowed with no credit scores.
  • Any occupancy type in accordance with HUD guidelines. Existing loan cannot have any lates within the last 6 months.
  • Employment is not required to be verified, borrower current contact information is required.
  • Asset validation for closing is required.
  • Existing subordinate financing may remain in place up to 125% CLTV.
  • Condominium’s do not require FHA approval for streamline transactions.
  • A maximum insurable mortgage may not exceed the outstanding principal balance minus the refund of the upfront MIP plus the new MIP.
  • Loan limits may exceed current loan limit for non-credit qualifying streamlines.
  • No minimum FICO credit score required if no late payments in past 6 months
  • No appraisal required
  • No income documentation required
  • Must have a current FHA loan to be eligible
  • Reduced documentation compared to standard FHA loans
  • Mortgage history: 1 x 30 days last 12 months, 0 x 30 days last 6 months since case number assignments
  • Credit qualifying loan programs available
  • Manufactured housing property types may be eligible

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