Did You know that conventional lenders allow condo association dues to be included in a Seller’s concession?

Our wholesale lending partners will allow up to 12 months of homeowner’s association ( HOA) dues as part of a Seller’s concession.

Items included in the concession like furniture are considered inducements and MUST BE DEDUCTED from the purchase price OR appraised value and the LTV (Loan To Value) will be calculated on the reduced amount.

Below are the max financing concessions allowed:

Primary and secondary residence:

  • 90 Financing or more: 3%
  • 75 Financing-<90 Financing: 6%
  • <75 Financing: 9%

Investment transactions:

  • All LTV’s: 2%

To learn more about how condo association dues (HOA) can be included in sellers’ concession, contact our office and one of our experienced loan consultants can give you a broader explanation of this type of a concession.

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