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Loan Amounts:         $100,000 to $2,500,000

Property Types:        Residential & Commercial (Owner and Non-Owner-Occupied)

Loan Programs:        Self Build, Custom Build, Builder Spec, Builder Sold, Renovation, Construction Completion, Multi-Family, Commercial Construction

Lien Position:             1st Lien

Rate Floors:               6.95% to 7.95%+ for owner-occupied construction loans

8.45% to 10.95%+ for non-owner-occupied construction loans (Final terms vary depending on the specific Loan Program and Borrowers’ overall qualifications)

Application Fees:      $295 application fee on single family owner-occupied construction

$450 application fee on commercial construction/spec or non-owner-occupied properties

Underwriting Fees:   $425 on owner-occupied single family properties

$450 on non-owner-occupied and multi-family properties

Origination Fees:       2.25% to 3.00%+ for construction only loans (Amount varies based on program, loan type & Borrowers’ overall qualifications)

Term:                         1 Year (longer terms on an exception basis for larger non-owner-occupied projects)

Income:                      Typically full doc for owner-occupied properties & limited doc available for

                                    non-owner-occupied business or commercial loans (All files require two (2) years tax returns & asset verification)

Assets:                        Minimum investment of 25% down/equity on the land purchase price plus closing costs to qualify (larger initial investments may be required on larger lot sizes, limited income, non-owner-occupied properties, speculative properties or marginal credit Borrowers)

                                    Additional reserves* equal to 10% to 15% of the hard cost to build are required on Self Build/Builder Spec/Builder Sold/Commercial loans.

*These reserves are for potential cost overruns and carrying costs (Reserves could be cash, additional collateral, or lines of credit)

Credit:                        Not only FICO driven, however for best pricing, all credit scores should be 720+ (Decisions are based on the Borrowers’ overall qualifications)

LTV/LTC:                 Up to 90% of cost or loan to value on conforming, full doc, owner-occupied, single-family suburban/urban homes with all FICO scores being 720+

Up to 50%+ on speculative homes for sale

Up to 75% on pre-sold homes

Up to 75% for owner-occupied 2 to 4 unit multi-family properties

Payments:                  Interest-only payments based on monies advanced

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