Did You know that we allow certain errors between the title report and the appraisal report and are still considered acceptable?

We will accept what they call title impediments that are considered minor and therefore still acceptable to close:

  • Above surface public utility easements that extend no more then 12 feet from the property lines and do not interfere with any of the improvements or buildings use of the property itself.
  • Mutual easements agreements that establish joint driveways or party walls constructed on the subject property and on a adjoining property as all future owners have unlimited, unrestricted use of them.
  • Encroachments of one foot or less on an adjoining property or by driveways or overhanging as there is at least a 10 foot clearance between the buildings ( house) on the subject property and the property line affected.
  • Encroachments onto adjoining properties as long as they are hedges or removable fences.
  • Variations between the appraisal report and county records regarding the length of the property lines as the deviation do not affect the use of the subject property. 2% variation for front property lines, 5% variation for the other property lines.

If you are having an issue with the title on the property in getting financing for your property, reach out to us and see if we can save your deal.

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