The fix-to-rent loan program from MortgageDepot is the perfect solution to a common problem faced by real estate investors in the market for properties capable of generating rental income. Many lenders may be willing to finance the purchase of the property but not the cost of rehabilitation. Our fix-to-rent loans allow investors to finance the rehab costs in addition to the money needed to complete the purchase from the current owner.

Benefits of a fix-to-rent loan

Investors using a fix-to-rent loan obtained through MortgageDepot obtain the funds to apply toward purchasing the property and additional funds to pay the cost of renovations to allow them to rent it and turn it into an income-generating asset. Other benefits of our fix-to-rent loans include the following:

  • A fast, uncomplicated application process allows borrowers to quickly close on the loan in order to get started on completing the repairs.
  • Once the repairs are completed, the fix-to-rent loan may be turned into a fixed-rate, 30-year investment property mortgage.
  • Conversion of the fix-to-rent loan into a 30-year mortgage is simplified because the same lender underwrites both loans.

A loan officer from MortgageDepot guides borrowers through the entire process from application through closing.

Terms available on our fix-to-rent loans

We keep the terms of our fix-to-rent loans competitive, which makes them attractive to investors as an alternative to other types of financing. The following is a brief overview of the terms of our loans for money to make repairs on property purchased to generate rental income:

  • Quick closings
  • Attractive and competitive interest rates
  • Fixed-rate, 30-year rental loan rollover
  • Adjusted-rate loans with 5/1 and 7/1 terms available
  • $75,000 minimum loan amount
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 75%
  • Underwriting guidelines do not require a W-2

Our loans fix-to-rent loans are available for single-family rental properties as well as for properties containing two to four rental units.

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