Intent To Proceed Documentation Required for Pre-Closing Review

Intent To Proceed documentation is required as part of the Pre-Closing Review. The documentation must be written and can take the form of an e-mail or letter from the Borrower(s), Loan Officer, or Staff notes regarding a conversation with the Borrower(s) that instructed the Loan Originator to proceed with the loan.

What is the Pre-Closing Review?

  • A loan must pass the Pre-Closing Review in order to close and fund.
  • Once a loan has reached an Underwriting Approved status, the Closing Disclosure (CD) can be generated.
  • Once the CD has been created and sent to the consumer, documents must be uploaded to initiate the Pre-Closing Review.

TIMING CONSIDERATION: It is recommended that the Pre-Closing Review is initiated soon after generation of the CD. Once the consumer has received the CD, there is a 3 business day waiting period, during which time the Pre-Closing Review can be completed.

What must information be uploaded for the Pre-Closing Review?

  • Intent to Proceed Documentation
  • MLO Compensation Election Form
  • Hazard Insurance (if not already submitted as part of the underwriting review)
  • Flood Insurance (if applicable)
  • Signed Ohio Notice of Change in Mortgage Terms (if applicable)
  • Proof of current tax payment (if not already submitted as part of the underwriting review)


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