MortgageDepot is the premier “go-to” mortgage brokerage firm of home buyers and sellers in Forest Hills Queens, NY. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or real estate investor, MortgageDepot will provide you with the best mortgage financing options available to fit your financial goals of homeownership. MortgageDepot helps first time home buyers, real estate investors, and business owners secure financing for residential and commercial properties.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a single or multi-family home, condominium, or co-op, MortgageDepot is your brokerage of choice. Even if your goal is to buy a commercial property or possibly a church or a synagogue, MortgageDepot can secure financing options for those as well!

You may have a troubled financial past, and your previous issues have impacted your credit rating. There are many options available for you to qualify for a home loan. At MortgageDepot, we understand that credit issues are not always a sign of financial irresponsibility. Anything from job loss to a significant illness can result in a foreclosure, a bankruptcy, a short sale, or other issues that can have an impact on your credit rating.

If your goal is to buy a new home after a credit issue, your next step to take is to contact MortgageDepot to learn more about the program available to you and to get pre-qualified. The pre-qualification process is rather straightforward and easy, and you could soon learn if you meet the requirements and guidelines to qualify for a home mortgage in the Forest Hills community.

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