People who have been priced out of today’s housing market by rising costs associated with traditional on-site construction methods and a shortage of inventory of traditional types of housing may find a manufactured home to be an affordable solution for them. At MortgageDepot, make it possible for individuals to overcome the challenge of securing financing for the purchase of a manufactured home through expert advice and one of the best loan programs in the industry.

What is a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes have traditionally been associated with mobile homes because they are built in a factory and not from the ground up at a construction site. Strict federal and state standards governing the design and production of manufactured homes make them equivalent to homes built using conventional construction techniques and materials as far as safety, durability and performance.

Although built to allow them to be moved on wheels from the factory to a permanent building site, manufactured homes are not mobile homes. A traditional mobile home may be moved from location to location as its owner moves about, a manufactured home remains at its original location in much the same way as a conventionally build home.

Financing the purchase of a manufactured home

Our loan officers at MortgageDepot make it possible for buyers of manufactured homes to secure financing with a low minimum down payment. The MortgageDepot Power Purchase loan program includes the following features:

  • Minimum borrower investment of 3% of the lower of either the appraised value or sales price.
  • A no-repayment grant representing a 2% Power Purchase contribution.
  • 30-year fixed-rate loan.
  • Income limits may apply except in some designated geographic locations that may not include income limits.
  • Reduced private mortgage insurance requirements.
  • Lender-paid mortgage insurance on Power Purchase Plus loans.

Borrowers who may have owned a home in the past can still take advantage of our loan program because it is not limited to first-time buyers of manufactured homes.

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