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I’d describe my role as a loan processor at the company as someone that submits loan applications and some structuring of loans occasionally. Before joining MortgageDepot, I was a loan processor at Concept 2K Mortgages, Inc. I’ve been with the firm for three years now. To me, every day is unique. No matter what I plan for the day, the plans go out the window! But that is the beauty of what I do. What interests me most about this industry from a broker’s perspective is the ability to be creative while meeting clients needs regardless of their circumstances.

For me, excellent client service comes from transparency from the beginning while keeping them apprised during the process to the end, without surprises. And of course when clients are happy and express their gratitude for the role that I’ve played in the process of securing them a home loan. The change I’ve noticed in my industry is that loan officers must be very knowledgeable because today’s customer is savvier than ever. If I could see one change in the mortgage industry, I’d like to see the abolishment of Appraisal Management Companies (AMC)! I can dream, but that’s highly unlikely.

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