As a New York State mortgage broker we are best at shopping for the best interest rate for our clients. We are a wholesale mortgage broker that searches all retail banks rates and we have the ability to beat that rate by a 1/8 of a percent. If you are looking to refinance your New York property, please check with us before you make your final decision. We have the ability to beat any interest rate.

Most national banks or mortgage companies do not know the New York mortgage market. New York real estate is one of a kind. We are not an escrow state, we have mortgage tax and most importantly NY is infested with coops and condos. We are experts in financing coops and condos.

Refinance mortgage in New York should only be handled by a mortgage company that is located in NY and has the experience with the NY mortgage market. Mortgages in NY either for refinance or for a purchase, it takes experience and knowledge to finance properties in NY. That is why we at MortgageDepot, located in Queens NY, have the knowledge and experience in the NY mortgage market.

For more information about applying for a mortgage refinance in NY, do NOT hesitate and contact us, we are a reputable company and for a limited time offer if you refinance your property with MortgageDepot we will offer you the homeowner a gift certificate through Home Depot, valued at $495. So it’s a win win for you, get the best service and rate possible and get a $495 gift certificate from Home Depot.

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