MortgageDepot is proud to welcome our newest Sales Manager Joe Reilly! Joe Reilly has the distinction of bringing his vast leadership skills to our team here at MortgageDepot, beginning his career as a customer service rep at the now-defunct Republic National Bank twenty plus years ago.

We have the good fortune to have garnered a true leader with a proven track record, whose style incorporates the best practices of integrity and providing the highest level of customer service when engaging every potential customer.

By utilizing his highly developed set of interpersonal people skills, and his ear for the needs of each individual, he has forged successful relationships as a colleague, peer, and mentor to many throughout his career. “It matters to me that I help people in my capacity as a sales manager. When my efforts result in an opportunity for someone, I feel I’ve done my best work,” Joe added.

It is this winning mindset of service to others, that distinguishes Joe Reilly as a Sales Manager. His passion for not only the work but also for the staff and the people that are clients of MortgageDepot makes him our latest Most Valued Person (MVP)!

If your goal is to join a winning team and you want some direction as a mortgage loan originator, know that Joe Reilly and the staff here at MortgageDepot is here to provide you with the support and services that you need. We aim to support the originator because their success is our ultimate goal. Contact us today at MortgageDepot at (800) 220-LOAN to discuss the possibilities of joining our winning team, with the expert guidance and assistance of Joe Reilly.”

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