MortgageDepot welcomes our latest hire, Regina Bronstein. As a mortgage loan processor, her professional career has spanned twenty years.

Regina started her career in real estate by becoming an assistant to a loan officer at Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999. In her capacity, the focus was on retail mortgages, including mixed-use properties in addition to commercial and residential properties.

Having garnered years of experience during her tenure, she spent five years from 2010-2015 at PNC Bank as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Consequently, she then took her expertise as a mortgage loan officer to Citizens Bank in 2016 through 2018.

Playing to her administrative, organizational strengths, Regina joined the staff here at MortgageDepot to focus solely on the requisite administrative paperwork associated with the successful completion of a loan application. By having intimate knowledge of how involved the mortgage application process is, she chose to focus her energies and efforts there exclusively.

When asked why she does this type of work in the real estate industry, Regina replied, “I love paperwork and documentation administration. I love paperwork, and organization is my thing,” adding that “disorganization” is THE central crazy aspect of the work.

Regina Bronstein takes great pride in her work because mortgages are unique based on each client’s individual needs; and it’s a fact that mortgage products can range broadly from A-Z. There is a deep sense of satisfaction derived from seeing the process evolve successfully from beginning to end administratively.

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