MortgageDepot offers many lending options to our customers. We do this by partnering with lending partners that consistently work to provide the best mortgage loans products available to homebuyers and investors.

One of our top mortgage banking partners is offering “Stated Income” home mortgage loans to prospective buyers that are self-employed or independent contractors. Our lender is offering borrowers with a minimum of a combined FICO 660 score to qualify for this loan. If you qualify, you may borrow a minimum of $200,000 and up 1.1 million dollars for a 1-4 unit, owner occupied, family condo or co-op residence. You can have a maximum Debt to Income (DTI) ratio of 50% with a 65% Loan to Value (LTV) on this mortgage product at closing. Be aware, there are specific “cash out” restrictions on this “Stated Income” mortgage product.

If you’re a freelancer, or maybe you’d like to apply for a mortgage loan as a sole proprietor, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or in partnership with friends or family, and can provide the lender with an employer letter confirming the start date of your employment and that your paid compensation is reported via W-2, stating your gross annual income. Additionally, if you’re self-employed as a consultant or contractor, you may be required to also present a letter confirming your employment and a “Profit & Loss” (P&L) statement from your accountant, and signed by your employer confirming your income and employment. The lender follows this with a final verification call at closing to confirm the continued employment of the borrower.

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