Millennials Rising: Tariq Bailey’s Journey to the Top
(July 2023)

The Emerging Stars list, now in its second year, has seen exponential growth since its inception. What began as a compilation of the top 100 producers by dollar volume has expanded to include every young originator who participated in the Top Originators rankings and facilitated a minimum of $40 million in business during the year 2022. As a testament to his remarkable achievements, Tariq Bailey earned a coveted spot on the prestigious Scotsman Guide Emerging Stars list for 2023.

Tariq Bailey’s trajectory shines brightly. His inclusion in this esteemed list is a testament to his dedication, professionalism, and extraordinary accomplishments in the field. Among this year’s remarkable achievement, Tariq stands tall as one of MortgageDepot’s top producers. His commitment to helping borrowers achieve their homeownership dreams is evident in his exceptional work ethic and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by his generation. Tariq’s journey is not just about closing deals; it’s about making a difference in the lives of those he serves, empowering them to secure their place in the world of real estate. As we celebrate Tariq’s accomplishments, it’s important to acknowledge the accomplishments of others who have risen to prominence in this field.

As the housing market continues to evolve and millennials shape the landscape of real estate, professionals like Tariq are leading the way with innovation, empathy, and a relentless drive to achieve. MortgageDepot congratulates Tariq Bailey for his outstanding achievement and well-deserved recognition on the Scotsman Guide Emerging Stars list. As you stand among the brightest rising stars in the world of mortgage origination, may your professional journey continue to be marked by success, growth, and the fulfillment of your aspirations.

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