Birchwood Towers is a Co-op community located in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York. This luxury high-rise development features three Mid-Century Modern towers and includes amenities like a community pool, picnic areas, a landscaped green belt, a community playground and a 24-hour doorman. Residents also enjoy deeded parking in the secure garage.

What Is A Co-op?

A Co-op is a corporation that owns a residential development. When you buy into a Co-op, you buy a percentage of the corporation. That share you purchase includes the right to occupy one of the units in the building. Instead of simply owning your apartment, you actually own a percentage of the entire development.

How Do I Buy Into A Co-op?

Co-ops require a unique form of financing. Some Co-ops require cash purchases and others require hefty down payments. But if you have the right financial professional working on your side, securing financing to buy a Co-op can be as simple as buying a condo or a single-family house.

We are the Co-op Expert!

We have a proven track record of helping our clients secure financing for Co-ops throughout the New York area. Birchwood Towers is already on our approved list of Co-op developments for which we can easily secure financing. Not only can we help you secure financing for this great community, but we also offer better rates and more equitable financing terms than our competitors.

When you finance your Co-op purchase with us we offer low closing costs, usually lower than $2,500. We also offer a $300 credit back toward your closing costs on the deal. Since our expert loan officers have extensive experience in the Co-op market, you can rest assured that the process will go as smoothly as possible, and that you’ll have professional guidance throughout the process.

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Co-ops offer excellent value. Many of the most beautiful vintage buildings in New York are Co-op developments, and the sales price of many Co-op units is often far more affordable than the price of a newer condo. At MortgageDepot we can explain all of the ins and outs of the Co-op buying process. If you’ve considered purchasing a Co-op, especially if you’ve been considering buying into the luxurious development of Birchwood Towers, why not call one of our Co-op financing experts today and learn more about the process of financing your purchase?

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