Every client that seeks the services of MortgageDepot presents us with a unique set of circumstances when applying for a home loan. This scenario was precisely the case for two separate clients that recently closed home mortgages with mortgage loan officer Yury Gokhberg. Each of these families was seeking what is formally known as a Non-QM (Qualifying Mortgage) loan for a single family home and a two-family residence as investment properties.

Finding and matching the right bank for these Non-QM loans for these clients was critical. In spite of having been denied by three previous banks, and being offered a much higher rate from one that was declined by the client, we were able to match the best offer for our client’s needs. One proposal was seeking at least 70 percent financing with an interest of 5 percent. This offer was far from favorable terms for our client, and that offer was declined on their behalf.

Although each of these clients was seeking mortgage loans, their circumstances differed in that one secured a personal mortgage, the other obtained their mortgage under a corporate name. Typically, Non-QM loans require numerous requests for paperwork despite not always resulting in receiving a loan. Our goal here at MortgageDepot is to match the appropriate loan product based on each client’s financial needs. In this case, bank statements were used to resolve this issue. When you’re looking for finance a new, existing or investment home, contact us here at MortgageDepot we’ll help you secure the best loan for the home of your dream and your family’s needs.

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