Our borrower, a self-employed international lawyer from Kosovo, sought financing for a condo at Madison Avenue in Murray Hill, NY. Despite being a financially sound investor, the borrower faced hurdles due to their nationality and property type.

Given the borrower’s international status, the mortgage type required was a Foreign National loan. This type of mortgage is tailored for non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents looking to invest in American real estate. However, complications arose due to the borrower’s nationality. The initial challenge surfaced when the lender deemed Kosovo, the borrower’s home country, as a red-flagged nation. Despite verbal assurances of approval, the lender eventually refused to proceed, citing concerns over lending to individuals from flagged countries.

As if that wasn’t enough, a critical issue emerged just two days before the scheduled closing. The title company, responsible for providing insurance for the loan, suddenly declared their inability to do so. This unexpected development jeopardized the entire process, threatening the borrower’s deposit and casting a shadow of uncertainty over the deal. Adding to the complexity, switching to a new title company resulted in a clerical error regarding the loan amount, prompting a fraud check from the bank. Given the strict 48-hour closing policy post-clear-to-close (CTC), time became critical, with any delay potentially causing significant repercussions for the borrower.

In the face of adversity, Benjamin Kaziyev demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness and agility to salvage the situation. Recognizing the urgency, the decision was made to switch banks swiftly to one that didn’t categorize Kosovo as a red-flagged country, thus eliminating the primary obstacle. Furthermore, Benjamin’s proactive approach ensured seamless coordination between parties involved. Despite the hiccup with the title company, swift action was taken to rectify the error and prevent further complications. The bank’s commitment to honoring the original CTC deadline played a pivotal role in ensuring a timely closing, saving the borrower from potential financial losses.


The successful closure of this mortgage deal underscores the importance of having a seasoned professional like Benjamin Kaziyev in your corner. His ability to navigate complex challenges with finesse and find innovative solutions demonstrates the value of expertise in the mortgage lending industry.

In the end, what could have been a daunting ordeal turned into a testament to perseverance and diligence. Through strategic decision-making and unwavering dedication to his client’s needs, Benjamin exemplifies the caliber of service that MortgageDepot prides itself on delivering. This success story serves as a beacon of hope for borrowers navigating the intricate landscape of real estate financing, reminding us that with the right guidance, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

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