As the fix and flip market heating up, we have partnered with a lender that is rolling out a fix and flip loan program that is ideal for the professional flipper.

We have a new fix and flip program. We will lend 90% of acquisition value, 100% of the cost not to exceed 75% of the ARV ( As Repaired Value). There will be an exit fee. We’ve found that the professional flippers really like this program because we get paid when they get paid. No minimum fico score but they will have to show recent flipping experience. The interest rate will be 10% across the board. Regarding the rate, we’ve also found this isn’t a major driving factor in who they choose to provide financing.

If you are a professional flipper and need millions in financing a year we would be interested in meeting with you in person and see if we could be your primary financing source.

Contact us for more information about this flix and flip program.

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