MortgageDepot Mortgage Loan Officer Roman Kaziev is our in-house co-operative, financing specialist. Roman assists homebuyers that have a preference for co-op living versus that of a single-family home. The inherent caveat in this transaction is that homebuyers typically encounter a lengthy co-op board approval process when purchasing a co-op apartment for their new home.

Recently, Roman assisted a first time home buyer purchase a co-operative apartment in Bayside, Queens, New York. As a millennial, the purchase of their first home was an essential financial decision requiring an in-depth exploration by Roman of which mortgage products were best suited and financially advantageous for the client.

By successfully applying his expertise in this area, Roman secured a mortgage for the exceptionally low-interest rate of 3.5% for a thirty-year fixed rate on a full documentation loan that provided 80% financing for the borrower after a 20% down payment for the purchase of the co-op residence.

Although each mortgage scenario will have a unique financial position or needs, we here at MortgageDepot are focused on providing each of them with the very best options available when seeking a mortgage. If you want to be a homeowner, allow us to assist you in making those dreams a reality. Let Roman help you. Give him a call at Mortgagedepot at 718-407-8888.

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