The mortgage application process never has a one style fits all approach. Each individual’s employment status, credit rating, and so many other factors figure into the route of applying for financing to secure a home. Such was the case for a recent client of Mortgage Loan Officer Orlando Jarrin.

A currently self-employed homeowner seeking to acquire an additional residential investment property was turned down by three different banks. There are many reasons why a mortgage company or bank can turn anyone down when they’re applying for a mortgage loan, but a clerical error shouldn’t be one of those reasons.

With mortgage loan officer Orlando’s expertise and vigilance in finding the appropriate mortgage product for the client, he was able to get his client qualified to obtain a loan via the bank statement program. This Non-Qualifying Mortgage (Non-QM) home loan was made available on behalf of the client after discovering that a previous bank’s financial miscalculation was the reason the original mortgage application was denied.

By matching his client with the Bank Statement Homebuyer program, Orlando secured a home loan for that particular residential investment property of 580,000 thousand dollars. Perseverance and dedication to helping each client is the cornerstone of Orlando’s customer service approach to every potential client seeking a mortgage from MortgageDepot.

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