MortgageDepot Westchester Branch Manager and Mortgage Loan Officer Tariq Bailey is devoted to providing his clients with the best in class mortgage products tailored to their financing needs. Recently, a client faced the possibility that there was no option of securing a mortgage loan after being rejected by two well known established lenders.

Tariq diligently researched and then properly re-structured this client’s mortgage application. His efforts resulted in the client getting approved and cleared to close the mortgage in under thirty business days on a cash-out refinance mortgage loan.

The Bronx based owner of the three family residence also successfully received the incredibly low, reduced rate of interest of 3% fixed for 30 years. MortgageDepot prides itself on seeking the optimal mortgage options available to each of our clients individually. No matter what your specific financial scenario is, MortgageDepot’s mortgage loan officers and branch managers will work with you just like Tariq Bailey did with his client to secure the best mortgage product available that suits your needs. Call Tariq Bailey today at 845-363-0040 or visit

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