Get Pre-Approved while you shop for a new home. Our wholesale lenders will allow us to issue a mortgage commitment subject to a contract of sale and appraisal on the property in question. This is good news for those buyers that want to know for sure that they will be able to obtain financing once they find their property. These Pr-Approvals are actually sent out to the lender for underwriting the loan subject to a contract of sale and the appraisal on the property. Normally a broker would issue on their letterhead a pre-approval which is really not looked at by a lender but rather the loan officer who makes a decision by looking at credit and income docs. We don’t even need the address of the property we can leave as To Be Determined TBD.

Submit for TBD

  • Complete Credit Package
  • Loan Application, Credit Report, Income and Assets

Submit when Contract Accepted

  • Loan Application with property address
  • All application disclosures
  • Purchase Contract and Title Report

TBD Pre-Approval gives our borrowers negotiating power in a competitive offer situation. TBD Pre-Approval gives your Realtor confidence they will be able to close on time.

Available on Conforming, Jumbo and Government Programs  – Pre-Approval valid for 90 days.

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