We offer a program that will only require the employer to fill out a verification of employment (VOE) form, no other income documents are required. No tax returns, no pay stubs, no w2, or even a 1099 form, all we need is for your employer to complete the verification form, that is the income that we will use to qualify you for a mortgage loan. 

Program highlights

• 80% LTV for purchase and rate/term
• 70% LTV for cash out
• VOE completed by borrower’s company
• First Time Home Buyer OK to 70% LTV
• Max loan amount $4,000,000
• Min FICO 620
• No W2, 4506C, Paystubs or Tax Returns

This program is for those individuals who are cash-based and don’t receive traditional employment income documents such as pay stubs and w2. Contact our office for more information about this VOE mortgage program.

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