Even in a hot real estate market like we are dealing with today, some homes will take longer to sell than others. You understandably want to do what you can to garner immediate interest in your home from qualified buyers. You may have heard that summer is the best time to list your house, but is there a specific day of the week that is better than others?

According to Zillow, more than one in five homes are listed for sale on Thursdays. Why are so many homes listed for sale on this particular day? Homes listed on this day are more likely than other homes to sell above the list price. More than that, they tend to transition to the “pending” stage faster than homes that are listed on other days.

What makes Thursdays so special? The majority of home tours and open houses take place over weekends. You may think that this would make Friday a big day for planning the weekend’s activities, but this is not the case. Because Friday is often a light day at the office for many people, Thursday is a big day in the real estate world. Properties that are listed on Thursday often generate immediate interest as a result.

What is the worst day to list your home for sale? Because of these factors, homes that are listed on Sunday will often not see significant interest until they have already been on the market for up to six days.

Keep in mind that choosing the right day to list your home for sale is only one of many factors that your real estate agent can help you with. While you are preparing to list your current home, our MortgageDepot lending team is available to help you get pre-qualified for the mortgage on your next new home soon.

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