Did You know that conventional and government Agencies differ on who can provide a gift?

Conventional lenders allow the following to be an acceptable gift donor:

Related person:

  • Borrower’s spouse, child or dependent
  • Guardian of the Borrower
  • A person for whom the Borrower is a guardian for
  • Fiancee
  • Borrower’s domestic partner
  • An individual related to the Borrower by blood, marriage or adoption


A family member ONLY as defined below:

  • Child, parent, or grandparent
  • Son, stepson, daughter, or stepdaughter
  • Parent, grandparent, also step-parent/grandparent or foster parents/grandparents
  • Spouse ( NOT fiancée), domestic partner
  • Legally adopted son or daughter
  • Foster child
  • Brother, sister, stepbrother/sister
  • Uncle, aunt
  • In-laws of the Borrower; ie: son-in-law, etc


ANYONE who is NOT part of the Borrower’s household

If you need more explanation on who can be a gift donor, contact our office and we’ll connect you to a loan consultant who can provide the proper answers to your questions.

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