So we spoke with a lovely lady about 2 months ago who was struggling to get traction and grow her business beyond just one closing per month.

Over the 30+ years of being in the business, she had hopped around from company to company and lost most her past client database in the moves.

Recently, she got to a point where she was “done” with “moving” and just wanted to plant her pole in the ground, put the blinders on and prove herself in ONE PLACE.

Her goal: make her last 4 years, her best four years (finish strong) and start making the kind of money she know’s she’s capable of (the thrill of victory), give generously to charity, and retire her husband early.

The problem was, she was SUPER GALACTIC AWESOME at what she does (great technician) but didn’t know jack about how to systematically attract clients and scale a business fast (weak marketer).

Can you relate?

Well, anyhow, we did a complimentary breakthrough session with her in August, and at time, she wasn’t ready to commit to her breakthrough.

When faced with a bold, intelligent, strategic investment in her breakthrough, her comfort zone and her dream collided, and at that time, her fear was bigger than her dream, so her comfort zone sucked her back into compromise and complacency.

In other words, she caught a serious case of Excusitis and did nothing to fix the problem.

Then fast forward 2 months…

Her business wasn’t getting any better, in fact, it was getting worse. She went from 1 closing per month to .5 closings per month.

But here’s kicker that changed everything…

She had 3 deals in her pipeline that she was EXPECTING to close. Then, one morning this week, she woke up and found – to her utter shock – that all 3 deals had imploded at once. There goes over $10,000 in commissions, up in a puff of smoke.

It was at that point she decided, “Enough is enough, no more, I’ve had it. I can’t continue like this any longer.”

After 30 years in the game, she finally came to the realization that her way isn’t working, she’s sick and tired of struggling and seeing other people WIN (who are less talented than her), and settling for the stress and uncertainty of the income roller coaster (up one month, down the next).

In short, she finally came to a place in her heart where she DECIDED to WIN and COMMIT to her breakthrough.

And that, our friends, is the magic dreams are made out of.If you’d like to learn how to become a masterful marketer (not just a great technician) and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL than you need to contact us. We’ll show what it takes to be a true success in this business.

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