Mortgage brokers and originators are busy professionals with an unwavering desire to help others achieve their financing goals. While many traits and habits come together to impact how successful you are in your career, the most successful mortgage professionals understand that there is always room to improve. More than that, there is a critical need to improve to stay at the head of the curve. Through your regular focus on self-improvement, you can stand apart from the competition. This is a key to winning more clients, closing more loans and ensuring that your clients have an amazing experience. What are some of the top habits of successful mortgage professionals that you should adopt in your professional efforts?

1. Focus on Education
The industry is constantly changing, and this means that there is always something new to learn. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are of industry trends, news and more today, you must work hard to maintain a high level of knowledge by staying on top of changes. In addition to reading as much as you can about relevant topics, make an effort to sit in on training opportunities and seminars whenever possible. Focus your attention on topics like the economy, appraisals, lending changes, taxes and more.

2. Improve Lender Relationships
Your goal is to get your clients to the closing table as soon as possible and with minimal obstacles along the way. One way to accomplish this is by staying in close contact with your lenders. Learn their programs in detail, and develop great relationships with representatives so that you are always in the know. Understand that lending programs change over time, so your knowledge of those changes will help you to move your loan files forward. When in doubt, ask questions rather than making assumptions.

3. Enhance Your Communication Skills
Communication is crucial in the mortgage industry. You must effectively communicate with borrowers, lenders, co-workers and more. Great communication skills via the phone, email and other methods may help you to prevent some challenges and to overcome other challenges more easily. Identify personal weaknesses in this area, and work daily to become a more effective communicator.

4. Expand Your Market Knowledge
Most or all of your loans will be derived from your local area. This means that you must be an expert in your local market. This includes having deep knowledge of the real estate market as well as of the financing terms that local banks and regional lenders are offering. You may also generate more deals if you network extensively within the local community.

5. Stay on Top of the Situation
Some loans will be challenging to close, and your efforts may make the difference between a loan closing or falling apart. Through your deep knowledge, you may be able to take proactive steps to mitigate serious issues. It is usually better to be proactive and to head off challenges rather than to try to pour water on a fire once it is burning.

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