Lisette Espinoza discovered that as a loan processor at MortgageDepot her affinity for numbers, attention to detail and other skills developed while working in bookkeeping and accounting were useful in her new career in the mortgage industry. As a loan processor, Lisette is responsible for reviewing the mortgage application and other documents loan officers obtain after meeting with a borrower to ensure that all documents are complete and properly signed.

Loan processors must be detail-oriented and capable of identifying and resolving issues that could delay or prevent an approval of the application by underwriting. Lisette combines her experience in the mortgage industry, knowledge of procedures and guidelines critical to the underwriting process, and unsurpassed communication skills to achieve positive results for our borrowers.

Before sending a borrower’s application to the underwriters, Lisette checks to ensure that tax returns, income documentation, bank statements and other documents underwriting needs to evaluate and approve the loan are included in the file. As a skilled underwriter who is frequently called upon to pre-qualify borrowers, Lisette has a unique understanding of how underwriters evaluate mortgage applications.

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