Boris Bast, a Commercial Loan Specialist at MortgageDepot’s Orlando, FL branch, recently closed a complex loan for a self-employed borrower in New Jersey. The borrower purchased a mixed-use rehab property, and despite not having any documentation for rental roll or income and payment history, Boris was able to secure a 30-year fixed rate loan with a 70% cash-out refinance towards the balloon payment.

Boris is known for his ability to navigate complex commercial loans with ease. He has extensive knowledge of the lending industry and a keen understanding of the unique needs of self-employed borrowers. His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for his clients have earned him a reputation as one of the most reliable loan specialists in the industry.

In this case, Boris faced several challenges. The borrower was self-employed and did not have a traditional source of income. Additionally, the property was a mixed-use rehab, which can be more difficult to finance than a traditional residential property. However, Boris was undeterred. He leveraged his extensive network of lenders to find a loan that was a perfect fit for the borrower’s needs.

One of the key reasons Boris was able to secure the loan was his ability to think creatively. Instead of relying on traditional documentation for rental roll and income and payment history, he found a loan that was based solely on the appraisal value of the property. This allowed the borrower to bypass some of the more tedious aspects of the loan application process and secure financing quickly.

Boris’s expertise and dedication have helped countless clients achieve their financial goals. His commitment to his clients is unmatched, and he takes pride in providing personalized service that is tailored to each borrower’s unique needs. Whether you’re a self-employed borrower looking to purchase a commercial property or a first-time homebuyer, Boris has the experience and expertise to help you secure the financing you need.

In conclusion, Boris Bast is a Commercial Loan Specialist at MortgageDepot’s Orlando, FL branch who has the expertise and dedication to get the job done. His recent success in securing a loan for a self-employed borrower in New Jersey is just one example of the kind of personalized service and creative thinking that Boris brings to the table. If you’re in need of commercial financing, there’s no one better to have in your corner than Boris Bast.

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