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FHA Mortgages in New York State

FHA Mortgages in New York State

 FHA has year over year been the most utilized loan product when it comes to low down payment. FHA allows for borrowers with poor credit history, as low as 580, and low down payment, as low as 3.5%, to obtain mortgage financing. Not too many people know that closing costs can also be covered by the FHA loan.

As FHA mortgage experts in the state of New York we have been the trusted mortgage broker who specializes in all types of FHA loans, including a renovation loan called FHA 203K loan, which funds your renovation project on your current home or the new on that you want to acquire.

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5% Down All Gifts Funds Allowed

5% Down All Gifts Funds Allowed

Many people who are interested in buying new property are unable to do so because of the strict down payment requirements that many loan programs have. Instead of moving forward with the plans they have to purchase real estate, they must wait while they save up more money to use as the down payment.

If you are in this position yourself, you may be aware that waiting to buy property may mean that the real estate that you are interested in will no longer be available. It may also mean that interest rates and other desirable factors will change.

If you are interested in buying real estate soon and have limited funds available to do so, we can help. We specialize in helping people like you achieve their financial goals by providing excellent financing terms. With our five percent down payment, all gift funds allowed the program, you can use gift funds from your relatives for the down payment.

The 5%(five) percent down all gift funds allowed program has attractive loan terms that make it ideal for many borrowers. The minimum FICO score is 620, and there are flexible debt-to-income ratio requirements that will be determined by underwriting. All of the funds can be gifted from an approved source.

The loan program is intended for residential properties that will be owner-occupied after the closing, and this includes single family homes and condos. There are other lending guidelines and requirements in place, and you can learn more about this program to determine if it is right for your needs by contacting us.

We are a New York mortgage broker that is dedicated to helping valued clients achieve their real estate goals. The five percent down all gift funds allowed program is just one of several loan programs we have available that may work well for your needs. You can contact our office today to inquire about this and other programs, and we can assist you with a pre-qualification. By getting pre-qualified, you can learn more about the different programs available that you are qualified for and the attractive loan terms available for those financing options.

If you are in a need of a consultation, please DO NOT hesitate and contact our office we have loan specialists available to speak to you at any time, there is no cost. To contact us by phone please call 800-535-0270.

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