At its current rate of growth, social media platforms should surpass four billion users within the next five years. Instagram, which already has 500 million daily users, offers members of the mortgage industry a valuable resource for engaging with borrowers through unique and creative online content. Some companies, such as MortgageDepot, use the various features on Instagram to reach viewers who may not be aware of the services they have to offer.

Expanding an online presence

A profile on Instagram allows a business user to promote itself through photos, live-streamed content, videos and stories about its services and employees. Content may be used to establish a relationship with viewers and build the trust borrowers need to have in their mortgage professionals. This can be expanded upon through biographies of loan officers and links to a company’s website.

Features that let mortgage professionals reach a larger audience

Whether the goal is to reach a new audience of borrowers or foster a continuing relationship with current and past clients, Instagram offers features that a mortgage broker company can use to expand its online presence. For example, MortgageDepot uses the following features to promote its services:

  • Live videos: Loan officers have the ability to directly engage with and answer questions posed by investors, homebuyers and homeowners about loan products and services.
  • Photos and videos: Content can easily be added or deleted to keep it fresh and timely to enhance engagement with borrowers.
  • Stories: Informative stories about the latest developments in loan products and services uploaded to Instagram enhance marketing.

Instagram offers a platform capable of reaching new audiences that may not be reached by other forms of online marketing.

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