MortgageDepot Mortgage Loan Officer Yury Gokhberg recently assisted a family of four to acquire a four-family investment property in the community of Glendale, Queens, New York. As with each mortgage transaction, MortgageDepot is dedicated to providing access to the most favorable mortgage product that we can offer each client based on their individual needs.

Yury applied his expertise to help secure mortgage financing by placing a family of four individuals into a newly formed Single Asset Limited Liability Company. By creating this LLC, no individual income nor credit scores were required for them to qualify for refinancing. Additionally, their rents were applied to offset the mortgage payments.

Yury’s efforts resulted in the client’s mortgage rate being reduced from 4.25% to 3.75% on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. The clients were also able to cash out with a cool $375k for future investments, home improvements, or to pay down any outstanding consumer debts.

For this MortgageDepot client and every client, our Mortgage Loan Officers work very hard to provide you with all the best mortgage options tailored to your financial goals and needs. Contact Yury today at 212-602-2000 or visit us at

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