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The mortgage industry allows homeowners and businesses the option to refinance their properties by consolidating other debts to get better interest rates. With MortgageDepot.com you can get multiple offers from top wholesale lenders. We are one of the few largest privately owned mortgage brokers in New York that specializes in helping homeowners properly use the equity in their home to leverage themselves. Many times homeowners are not aware that they can take advantage of a debt consolidation mortgage and consolidate their debt to a lower interest rate rather than pay double digits interest to the credit card companies.

In today’s mortgage world the lenders will allow paying off debt to qualify for a loan. In the past because of high debt borrowers would have to turn to alternative measures of refinancing because high credit card debt would not qualify the borrower, but now lending guidelines have loosened up a bit and lenders allow paying off debt to qualify for the loan and the homeowners take a benefit of a lower mortgage interest rate rather than get a mortgage rate that is designed for a cash-out refinance which is higher in nature.

Because of our knowledge and desire to help homeowners we can offer better interest rates to our clients. Our in-house price system allows us for finding the best mortgage rate for our clients no matter what the scenarios are.

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