MortgageDepot Mortgage Loan Officer Orlando Jarrin has a singular focus when problem-solving on behalf of his clients that are seeking a mortgage or refinancing for their properties. Recently Orlando had a client whose mortgage application was processed for over thirty days and denied.

Although each client is unique, any bank rejecting your mortgage application is distressing. In seeking to purchase a single-family home, the client had specific challenges related to his work status and low income from the previous year 2018 due to personal matters.

In spite of having to overcome these challenges, ultimately, this first time home buyer received approval for a $385,000 FHA mortgage! Due to the diligence of a dedicated mortgage loan officer, another client and their family have a new home in Long Island, NY.

Searching and selecting the right mortgage company is an intimidating challenge for the average consumer that is unfamiliar with the complexities of applying for a mortgage loan. We here at MortgageDepot work hard on behalf of each of our clients. If you’re looking to buy a house or to refinance the home that you already own, call MortgageDepot today to get pre-qualified for a home mortgage loan at (800) 220-LOAN or visit us at

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