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From time to time, there are positive changes in underwriting and lending requirements that can be very beneficial to borrowers like you. If you have previously looked at a Freddie Mac loan and have been told that the loan program is not quite suitable for you, you are not alone. While these loans are well-known to have a very low rate and other competitive terms, there are some rules and regulations that make these mortgages not suitable for all borrowers. The good news is that there have been some wonderful changes to the program in recent years, and Freddie Mac has recently announced changes to the program known as the Wave.

With a closer look at the Wave program by Freddie Mac, you may determine that this is the right program for your needs. Some of the changes to these loans include:

  • Two years landlord history no longer required
  • Borrower contribution no longer required on 80 percent LTV or higher with a gift or gift of equity from an acceptable source (on primary residence)
  • Short sales now eligible per LP findings
  • Removed 120-day seasoning requirement

Finding the right programs for home mortgages can be a challenge to do, and this is because not every situation is the same. We understand that each of our clients has a unique situation, and we strive to take a personalized approach to helping you find loans that are suitable for your needs and objectives. The Freddie Mac program is just one of several program updates that have taken plan in recent months. Even if you have a challenging time with your loan request in the past, you may now be surprised that there are mortgages that are well-suited for you today.

The best idea is to contact us directly to learn more about our loan programs. We can answer your questions about the Freddie Mac Wave program, and we can also help you to determine if another program may be a better match for you. Through personalized assistance from our helpful team, we can help you to set up a great loan program for you. Keep in mind that this is just one of many programs that we offer, and we have an excellent range of programs to fit most needs. When you consult with us about your unique situation, we can answer your questions about the options that may be right for you.

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