MortgageDepot is committed to providing loan solutions to more borrowers. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the latest guideline enhancements for three of our Portfolio Lending products.

Product Enhancements

Jumbo Alternative

    • The maximum LTV for a primary cash-out refinance has been increased from 80% to 85% with no MI required.

Homeowner’s Access

    • Premier Credit Tier-Now Caliber can apply a .5% rate improvement to loans from $100,000 to $417,000 when borrowers meet the Jumbo Alternative credit profile. Asset depletion allowed.
    • Multiple Events: Reduced FICO from 660 to 620 at 80% LTV.

Fresh Start

    • The maximum LTV for a primary purchase and rate/term refinance has been increased from 80% to 85% with no Mortgage Insurance required.

Additional features

    • Debt Consolidation: Allowing for max program LTVs without rate adjustment typical with a cash-out/debt consolidation product.
    • Texas 50(a) (6) R/T and Cash-Out Refinance.

Guideline Consolidation

In addition to these enhancements, we are pleased to announce that the guidelines for Jumbo Alternative, Fresh Start, and Homeowner’s Access have been consolidated into one document. As part of this update, we have clarified various sections, as well as simplified the content.


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