National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is observed each year from Sep. 15 through Oct. 15
has great meaning for MortgageDepot. It offers us an opportunity to honor the proud heritage of many of our employees and of the Hispanic communities that we serve.

MortgageDepot also supports the efforts of all of our employees who continuously prove their commitment to providing superior assistance to Hispanic communities with mortgage financing for families, individuals and investors.

History behind the observance
An act of Congress in 1968 authorized the president to annually issue a proclamation declaring one week of ceremonies and observances commemorating contributions of the Hispanic community in the United States. Sep. 15 was chosen as the start of the commemorative week to coincide with independence celebrations in several Latin American countries. Congress eventually expanded the week of celebration into a month-long event.

Learn about Hispanic heritage
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population includes 61 million people of Hispanic descent who live, raise families and work in the U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month provides an opportunity for all Americans to discover and learn about the history, culture and contributions people of Hispanic origins make to this country.

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