As a reminder, our lenders now allow the omission of student loan debt to qualify for a loan as of January 2nd, 2020!!!!

The omission of student loan debt IF:

  • The student loan debt has 10 months remaining until the full balance is either forgiven, cancelled, discharged or paid off


  • The monthly payment is deferred or is in forbearance and the full balance of the student loan will forgiven, cancelled, discharged or paid off at the end of the deferment or forbearance period.
  • The Borrower MUST currently meet the requirements for the student loan forgiveness, cancellation, discharge OR employment contingent repayment program.
  • Documentation of eligibility MUST come directly from either the student loan company or the Employer. ( Freddie Mac guideline NOT Sierra overlay)

If you have been turned down because of student debt well not you can qualify, contact us for more information.

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