If you have been looking for the right financing for your home buying or refinancing plans and have recently been told that you do not qualify for a conventional loan program, the reason may be due to overlays. Residential loan programs from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and even VA all have their own unique rules and requirements, and all mortgage brokers and lenders that offer these programs must comply with those established rules. However, some lenders and brokers will add their own requirements to the already established rules, and this can make it more difficult for some borrowers to get approved for loans. You may have been told that you do not qualify for a Fannie Mae loan or another loan, but the reason may have been because of overlays rather than because of the actual program requirements.

  • No overlays on credit scores
  • No overlays on how many properties owned
  • No overlays for first time home buyers
  • No overlays on fico scores, no fico scores needed
  • No overlays on plenty of other guidelines, call us for scenarios.


We partner with lenders that have no overlays on these programs, and these means that our mortgage representatives can tell you truthfully if you qualify for these programs or not. For example, if you have a 600 credit score and a 50 Debt To Income (DTI), we can do the loan for you. Overlays can make it more difficult for you to get approved for the financing you need, but we want to streamline and simplify this process for you. You may not be sure if overlays are the reason you have been turned down for financing with other lenders or not, but because we work with mortgage lenders that have no overlays as well as a wide range of other loan programs that you may also qualify for, you can trust us to provide you with information about all of the loan programs that may work well for you.

We are a New York mortgage broker that wants to help each of our clients obtain the financing they need. We strive to look for ways to set up financing for even the most unique or challenging situations. Even if you have been told by others that your loan request is not possible, we may be able to help.

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