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Our wholesale lenders will be issuing the Loan Estimate on behalf of all mortgage brokers.  In order to facilitate this, we MUST submit our entire loan submission by 5 PM the first business day following the date of application.  Our loan submission must include all disclosures required to be issued by us.  Submission received later than 5 PM the business day following the date of application will be rejected.

We are strongly encouraged to follow-up with our borrowers regarding the consent to E-sign documents.  Consent to E-sign will be emailed to the borrower(s) when an initial loan submission is received.  E-sign Consents that are not returned will have paper files sent in order to remain within compliance guidelines.

Initial Loan Submission
The following items are REQUIRED in order for us to send the Loan Estimate to Borrowers:
*NEW* Loan Submission Sheet
1003 signed and dated at a minimum by Loan Officer
Credit report (if applicable)
Any Broker required disclosures (signatures not required at time of initial submission).

Intent to Proceed
Once borrower(s) indicate intent to proceed, Broker can submit appraisal order.

Underwriting Submittal Requirements
Required in order for the loan to be submitted to the Underwriting Department for review.  Please note, Broker cannot require verification documents from Borrower until Borrower indicates intent to proceed.

*NEW FORM* Closing Fee Breakdown Sheet
The Closing Fee Breakdown Sheet will be an underwriting condition.  It is required to be completed prior to a closing being scheduled.  The fees provided will be used to prepare the Closing Disclosure; inaccuracies may result in a delay of closing.

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