Brokers frequently ask what self-employed borrowers and small business owners can do when others lenders need W2’s, tax returns, or bank statements to show income to qualify for a mortgage and they don’t have them.

MortgageDepot offers a simpler solution — use profit and loss (P&L) to qualify for a loan.
Income tax returns and bank statements don’t always reflect the actual income of a self-employed individual., who might normally deduct business expenses to reduce their personal income tax liability.

A Profit and loss statement reflects the business’ net income after including revenue and offsetting expenses. This helps self-employed borrowers show profitability and qualify for this type of mortgage.


  • FICO 580
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Max DTI 55%
  • Loan Amount up to $4 million
  • Max Cash in hand $1,000,000, no limit for LTV <55%
  • P&L by Licensed CPA, Enrolled Tax Agent, or Licensed Tax Preparer
  • No Bank Statement required
  • Non-warrantable condos and condotels allowed
  • Super Prime & Prime Programs

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