Are you a self employed borrower or wage earner Borrower who don’t quite have the credit to qualify for a Prime Jumbo loan?  

  • We offer Jumbo Loans for Full doc or Alt Doc as low as 600 credit score
  • Owner Occupied, Second Homes and Investment Properties
  • We also offer a Business or Personal Bank Statement Program used for income
  • A Cash Flow Program for Investment properties, Qualify solely on the rental income of property.
  • Stated Income program for Jumbo Higher Net Worth borrowers.
  • We will provide Pre-quals for a more solid pre-approval for you prior to finding your property
  • We Also Offer Great Rates and Service on FHA/VA/Conventional and prime Jumbo loans.


  • NO OVERLAYS (ask us what this means).
  • MAX DTI up to 56.99% per HUD.
  • NO Minimum Tradelines
  • NO VOR (verification of Rent) needed
  • W2 Transcript Only program
  • Manufactured Homes OK too!
  • Manual Underwriting
  • Minimum Score is 580
  • Take a look at our rates


  • Manual Underwrites Ok
  • 100% LTV CASH OUT
  • IRRRLS to 580 score
  • Manufactured Homes OK
  • Minimum score is 580

If you want more information about our mortgage programs, please Do NOT hesitate and contact us immediately.

*This product is not regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services

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